Marissa Jane
Valuable Knowledge & Experiences


Fremont High School Female Athlete of the Year 2009

Fremont High School 12-time Varsity Athletic Letter Winner (Softball, Basketball, & Soccer)

NCAA DII Athlete and Four-Year Starter for UNK Women's Soccer (2009-2012)

National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) Certified Personal Trainer 2014-Present

Iowa Western Community College Assistant Women's Soccer Coach Jan. 2016-Jan. 2018

National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) Certified Personal Trainer Course Instructor at IWCC Spring 2017 & Fall 2017

Elkhorn Soccer Club Youth Soccer Coach July 2016-Present

Elkhorn Soccer Club Sport Performance Director February 2019-Present

Half Ironman Boulder 2018 Finisher

Club Legacy Volleyball Academy Strength and Agility Coach Fall 2018 - Present

National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) May 2019 - Present

Built for More Youth Strength & Agility Camp Director/Coach May 2019 - Present

Fremont High School Girls Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach June 2019 - Present

Elkhorn Soccer Club Co-Director of Goalkeeping July 2019 - Present

Blair High School Head Girls Soccer Coach July 2019 - Present

II'm Marissa Jane.
I'm a certified personal trainer, sport performance coach, soccer coach, goalkeeper trainer, and online health and wellness coach.  I love serving the world by inspiring young athletes to reach their full potential in athletics and life, helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and mindset guidance, and creating quick and effective workouts people can complete from the comfort of their own home.
Following my college graduation in 2013, I took a corporate desk job with a large company.  I hated every minute of that sedentary lifestyle and my health suffered because of it.  I started studying to become a certified personal trainer and passed the exam in June of 2014.  In an effort to find some happiness, I quit my desk job, moved to Kansas City, and became a personal trainer.  I loved helping my clients create a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals.
After I married my husband, Eric, we knew we wanted to move back to Nebraska to be closer to our family and friends.  I took a collegiate coaching position that required me to dedicate 50-70 hours to my work and I was also traveling a ton.  I LOVED coaching and working with young athletes because I saw a lot of myself in the struggles that they were facing; however, I knew the lifestyle wasn't serving my relationships with the ones I loved the most because I was always gone.  
In January of 2018 I stepped away from collegiate coaching to start my own business. Every day I'm working to build something that allows me to serve others and spend quality time with my family.  My true passion is working with youth athletes to improve speed, power, agility, and explosiveness.  I'm also on a mission to help athletes reduce the risk of soft tissue, non-contact injuries.  I teach athletes proper movement patterns through body weight movements, light resistance training, plyometrics, and agility drills.  Athletes need to have a strong foundation and know how to run, jump, land, and change direction properly in order to be the most effective at their craft and excel in their respective sport(s).  Shoot me an email at if you would like to learn more.   
 "Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better." -Pat Riley, Hall of Fame Basketball Coach
Sending you lots of love and strength,
Marissa Jane